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заработная плата {ж.р.} remuneration (также: pay, salary, wage, wages). In general usage language compensation and remuneration are used interchangeably but from the legal perspective there is difference between payment of. The Remuneration Policy was adopted at the April 13, Annual General A/S' approach to executive compensation and Board of Directors' compensation.

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To ensure a balance of interests between top management and shareholders through an effective compensation system;; To ensure the competitiveness of the company. Do you remunerate, or do you compensate your agencies? You may think there is no difference. They are synonyms. But there is a subtle difference that. Therefore, the amount and structure of executive compensation is separate from, and fundamentally different than, Non-Executive Director compensation, which is.

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Total remuneration refers to a total sum of an employee's annual compensation package, including both basic pay aka salary and financial (pension plans. Remuneration is the payment or compensation received for services or employment. This includes a base salary and any bonuses or other economic benefits that an. It can include anything from a salary or hourly wage, to bonuses, commissions, or stock options. It can also include benefits such as health insurance.