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Treatment often begins with steps to avoid constipation and straining. If your rectal prolapse is severe enough and interferes with your quality of life. Rectal prolapse repair is a surgical procedure to fix an intestinal abnormality. Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the lower part of the intestine. Treatment of a rectal prolapse depends on the type of prolapse. It may involve changes in diet, medicines such as stool softeners, or surgery.

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A general surgeon will perform surgery to permanently reposition a prolapsed rectum into its proper place. The procedure may be performed abdominally or. Rectal Prolapse Surgery Recovery November 14, · Taking Time Off from Work · Common Side Effects After Surgery · Use of Stool Softeners. During anal surgery, your surgeon gently pulls the prolapsed rectum out through the anus. She then removes that section of bowel, re-joins the ends and places.

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In conclusion, we propose a minimally invasive technique with the use of mesh for rectal prolapse repair. Other studies will help to determine more accurately. Through your perineum (the area around your anus). This is called perineal surgery – it can involve removing part of the prolapsed rectum and sewing in place. If the anal sphincter muscle sustained chronic, diffuse damage as a result of the rectal prolapse, it can take up to a year for recovery of sphincter muscle.