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The throttle position sensor tells your car's computer, or engine control unit, what position the throttle plate is in, and then the computer calculates how. Throttle Position Sensors (also known as Throttle Position Switches or TPS) are an essential component for many vehicle upgrades. It doesn't matter if you. Various auto sensors have been made available by the wholesalers at Explore the great deals on tps throttle position sensor of your choosing.

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A throttle position sensor monitors the amount of fuel your car engine gets. One of the common factors behind acceleration related issues in your car could. The throttle position sensor moves with the throttle and sends a voltage signal to the computer indicating throttle angle and speed of movement data. The. The throttle position sensor plays an important role in a car or truck's overall performance. This device, which feeds data to the vehicle's computer system.

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This industry research report identifies Bosch, Continental, Delphi, DENSO, and HELLA as the key vendors in the global automotive throttle position sensor. The answer may be a problem with the sensor that helps your vehicle determine that the proper mix of air and fuel for your engine. It's called the TPS. The throttle position sensor, sometimes known as a TPS, is an electrical device designed to monitor the position of the vehicle throttle valve, plate.